Mario Tarasco was born in a small country town of Maryland where he developed a love for nature at a young age. Spending hours among trees, plants and flowers it wasn’t until adulthood that he would learn the names of his friends from his younger years. Passionate about health and wellness, his early college years were devoted to becoming a Naturopath. After spending several years in the natural products industry studying supplements and herbs he soon found all his attention and devotion being given to herbs. After suggesting different herbs to people and seeing results he became enamored and desired to learn more formally. In April of 2010 he moved to Asheville, NC to apprentice with an herbalist at the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine. In 2011 he apprenticed in Ithaca, NY at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine.

As a lover of the Earth he walks and harvests from and a passionate foodie, Mario draws inspiration from nature and food with a focus on bioregionalism. Using herbs and foods that are indigenous to the land around him, he seeks to unite his clients with wellness. He incorporates client’s environments and lifestyles to enhance their own native healing capacity and nourish them from the ground up. His wellness goals include nourishing clients through the use of food, herbs and healthy lifestyle choices chosen to specifically work with an individual’s constitution and current circumstances.