Each person in this world is a unique individual with a unique set of genes, chemistry and constitution. When a client seeks a consultation with me I treat them accordingly. What does this mean? It means that all dietary, lifestyle and herbal suggestions are tailored to the individual. This enables us to work more deeply and more personally and often brings about deeper healing and wellness for the client. Initial consultations are sliding scale $20-80, typically running between 1-2 hours long and involves a constitutional assessment as well as a personalized suggested treatment plan. Follow-ups are usually .5-1 hour long where we will discuss how things are going and make any necessary changes.  I believe in making medicine affordable and available and will work with those in need.

Starting in December I will be seeing clients at Blu Water Spa located at 26 S. Goodman St, Rochester, NY. To schedule a consultation please call me at 443 799 3326 or email at